The NGO Hiiumaa LAG is a voluntary association of local governments, entrepreneurs, foundations and non-profit associations, which was founded on 30 June 2006 by 27 founding members. The Hiiumaa LAG implements the EU Program LEADER. Currently the membership consist of 77 members from private, public and voluntary sectors.


The Hiiumaa LAG aims to:

  • increase local initiative in the region;
  • draw up an integrated development strategy for the region;
  • develop cooperation between the public, private and non-profit sectors;
  • develop co-operation with other associations in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe;
  • participate in international, national, regional and local rural development projects
  • conducting training activities
  • help local production and producers to create a short supply chain
  • market the Biosphere Program Area (BPA) and raising awareness of BPA values among local residents and foreign visitors.