Local and organic food at Christmas Fair


Why eat local food? Because you know what is in it, you know the producer and you can trust the producer. In the Kärdla Christmas Fair during the weekends in December 2020 the fair kiosks contained a lot of Hiiumaa goods. In the Fair the producers of our local food  were represented by the NGO Hiiumaa Food which unites small food producers, also there were Hiiumaa Handicraft Society and Hiiumaa Museum to sell local handicraft and books. The food products all were local, many of them organic. The restaurant Lest and Lammas to sell their locally made food put their tent near the one of local lamb meat producer. And on 19th of December Hiiumaa LAG prepared a presentation of organic Hiiumaa lamb meat with a barbecue to taste the meat. Why? because we think that lamb is very little used in our kitchen, let alone organic local lamb.