Guide for Organisations

One of the objectives with the project Chemically Clever Island, except awareness raising about chemicals of course, is cooperation between environmental organisations. By sharing ideas, experience and knowledge, and by supporting each other, we can get a lot done despite limited resources.

Sharing ideas is also the purpose of this guide. We have gathered experience and methods from the original Åland project as well as from the local projects in Iceland and Hiiumaa, for other organisations to use, adapt and refine according to your own needs and resources.

As organisations we may work under very different conditions and have totally different roles in our societies. But we have one thing in common: We want to reach out to people. We want them to listen, to care and to act. The ideas and activities described in this Guide for organisations (and in the 36 pages Manual you can download as a PDF, see below) focus not only on WHAT to communicate, but also on HOW we can do it in in ways that may motivate and inspire people. 

Hopefully some of our tools and thoughts can be helpful for you and your organisation.