Chemically clever visits, Åland


Visiting houses where inspiring pioneers are trying to minimize the use of hazardous chemicals in building materials.


Chipboard and insulation, sealants, paints, glues and vinyl flooring: Many conventional building materials contain or are made of foreign substances. Since most of us spend 90 % of our time indoors, the chemicals in building materials are not only a matter of sustainability, but also of health.


Hospitable and engaged individuals, willing to show their work and share their experience, guide a group in their home or in a house during building or renovation.


Building inspiration

During the visits in different houses, we learned about wood and stone, clay and linen, how to mix your own paints and glues and what to ask for in the store when it comes to wallpaper and insulation. We saw everything from birch bark underneath old window sills to the newest cellulose products, and we got to share fiascos as well as pieces of great advise. After a guided tour through the building, sometimes with demonstrations of certain techniques or materials, we always finished with a coffee break. Some of the audience followed several visits, and the informal conversations about chemicals in building materials seemed to get more and more initiated and focused. We could actually hear the interest and the awareness growing!