Eco cleaning on display, Hiiumaa


An eco cleaning workshop at the fair of local food, which is part of the annual midsummer festivities at Hiiumaa.


Conventional cleaning products usually contain strong chemicals, hazardous to human health, the environment and water-living organisms. A workshop in the middle of the festivities was a way of reaching out to as many as possible, showing people how to use environmentally friendly chemicals and less water, and still get a clean home.


The Eco-cleaning workshop had it’s own market stall at the fair, with environmentally friendly cleaning materials on display and a professional eco-cleaning lady showing her method on a big glass window. People could also try for themselves. Material from the Chemically Clever Island project was available as handouts. Information about ecofriendly cleaning had also been shared in the municipality newspaper, on LAG Hiiumaas webpage and in social media.

The fair challenge: How to get people to stop by

Cleaning comes with it’s own preconceptions. We are used to think that a strong fresh scent is the smell of clean, when it is actually the smell of chemicals and perfume. We also tend to think that a lot of water is needed to rinse the dirt away. To show people how health- and environmentally friendly cleaning works seems like a good idea. And at the eco-cleaning workshop at the midsummer festivities in Hiiumaa, the people who really stopped by thought the workshop interesting and inspiring. The problem was, most of the people didn’t stop. They just walked by. Being part of a larger event, like a fair or a festival, has both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, you dont need to handle a lot of arrangements and marketing yourself. You can focus on your small part and still reach out to a lot of people. On the other hand, if the event is not focused on a topic closely related to what you are doing, people might not be tuned in to stop at your stall. Your main challenge will be to arouse the interest of the passers-by. To offer free icecream to everybody is probably not a solution. Is there anything else you could do that is related to your topic, and yet eye-catching, funny, playful, provocative or curiosity arousing? You need to find the buzz! A game or a competition? Balloons, dolls or other figures used to communicate the message? A confessional for eco-sins? Use your creativity and be bold: You need to make yourself visible amidst a diversity of activities.


White vinegar is a eco-friendy multi-purpose cleaner. However, the smell is not so nice. Why not try to make this infusion: Fill a glass jar with orange peels (or any other citrus peels), and pour white vinegar to cover them. Close the jar tightly and place in dark place for 2-4 weeks. Strain out the peels, and use the nicely orange scented vinegar for cleaning. Mix ¼ -1/2 dl vinegar with 4 dl of water and use for anything from floors and windows to sinks and showers – or use at full strength on hard water stains. (”I use it for everything”, says Reet Kokokvin, LAG Hiiumaa)