Nursery findings

Bilden visar pärlor i plast

My little pony

Does your child’s favourite toy pet smell of sweet vanilla? If so, malodorous plastic chemicals has been camouflaged with perfume. Old toys like trolls, barbie dolls and other soft plastic toys rescued from mom’s or dad’s toy boxes probably contain endocrine disruptive plasticizers, and maybe even lead to stabilize the softened plastic. Smelly, sticky, oily and slippery plastic toys should be replaced immediately. 


Cell phone/ Smartphone

Your smartphone might seem like a handy babysitter. Unfortunately it is loaded not only with entertainment, but also chemicals like flame retardants (preventing hot electronics from catching fire), endocrine disruptive plasticizers and heavy metals in the solderings. Much of the stuff you have in your pockets should not be in close contact with the thin skin of children. Keys are partly made of heavy metals, and receipts of thermal paper contain endocrine disruptive Bisphenol A. 


Printed sweater

”I love my daddy” or ”BIG sister”: Cool and cute prints on clothes, especially really plasticky ones, may contain endocrine disruptive plasticizers. The plasticizers loosen when the clothes are worn and washed – that’s when the print stiffens and cracks. When you buy a printed garment: Ask the seller what the print is made of. And when you get home: wash before use. All textiles may contain remains of pesticides or chemicals from the manufacturing. 


Craft materials

The smell of hot plastic pearls (ironed to fuse together) is the smell of chemical emissions released by the heat. Plastic craft materials as clays, slime and finger paint contain plasticizers, colors and often preservatives. Natural materials, paper and home made play dough are better alternatives. Colors and glues should be water-soluble to avoid solvents. Ecolabelled products contain less substances harmful to man and nature.