Nursery - advise for a kick start

Skip smelly and sticky plastic

Additives for shape and texture escapes from the material: Throw away!


Throw away soft plastic toys older than 2007

Throw away soft plastic toys older than 2007 (2013 is even better) or manufactured outside Europe. Choose CE marked toys (Conformité Européenne) to take advantage of EU-legislation on chemicals in toys. Still, CE-marking is no guarantee of non-toxicity.  Use your nose. Ask for ecolabelled toys in the store!


Choose chemically clever materials

Wooden or textile toys, paper and cardboard often contain less chemicals than plastic toys. Natural materials don’t need synthetic chemicals to attain shape and texture.


Make chemically clever wishes

Children’s parties easily become orgies of cheap plastic. Use the invitation cards to spread the message: ”We are trying to diminish plastic and knick-knackery in our home...” Help your guests by suggesting chemically clever gifts.


Go for non-toxic crafts

Choose water-soluble colors and glues to avoid solvents. Clear away plastic craft materials and art materials intended for adults, often containing more toxins.


Choose high quality plastic

Lego is considered non-toxic no matter the age. A bucket from Europe will probably cost more than the one from China, but it will follow EU legislation and be fairly produced. Healthier and more sustainable.


Clear away adults’ stuff

Electronics are full of toxins like flame retardants, phtalates and heavy metals. Keys and cheap jewellery may contain lead. Near-leather is plasticized plastic, and real leather may contain harmful substances from the tanning. 


Keep clean and tidy

Wash, rinse or wipe (depending on the material) new toys to clear away remains of chemicals from the manufacturing process. And keep the nursery tidy. Chemicals gather in the dust. 


Ration the not-so-healthy favorites

Old toys and borderline cases like new but smelling foam toys or trolls from the 70’s should not be standard equipment in the nursery. Let them be a rare luxury.


PS! Do NOT renovate the nursery for the new baby! The smell of ”new” is the smell of chemicals. The less new materials, colors and furniture, the more healthy the room will be for the new little human being.