Bedroom - advise for a kick start

Smell - and air!

New beds often smell heavily - and it is the chemicals that smell. The Swedish Chemicals Agency calls on airing until the smell is gone. Certified mattresses (Oeko-tex, Svanen) are better alternatives. There are store owners who have specialized in organic natural materials such as coconut rubber, kapok and wool. Chemically sensitive and allergic individuals could react to different materials: see what works for you.


Choose a quilt which is natural…

Time to change the quilt? Natural alternatives to synthetic fibers are cotton and wool, organically produced. Oeko-tex is not organic but contain less chemicals. We are used to fluffy quilts, but a wool quilt in a duvet breathes and works both winter and summer. Test different layers.

… and experiment with your pillow

Unless you want to sleep with polyester under your head, there are many alternatives, from organic wool/ cotton to materials which are not soft but still adapts to your head, as millet, buckwheat or spelt. Choose the outer fabric from a GOTS-labeled cotton: organically farmed, made without hazardous chemicals.


Find your own solutions

Organic mattresses, quilts and pillows made of natural materials are often quite expensive. Did the luxury natural mattress empty your wallet? Complete it with a

bed frame of solid wood which you can find cheap second hand. Sew the pillow yourself and stuff it with any of the suggested fillings above.


Wash new bedlinen, save old ones

New sheets and other textiles could contain fair amounts of chemicals, from residues of pesticides to hazardous colorings and anti molds. Buy environmentally labeled. Wash new sheets. Really old sheets are often of fantastic quality: boil them if they have yellowed of age.


Spoil the children

Small children sleep a lot, and are particularly sensitive to chemicals. Wash all new bedlinen and soft toys before use. New bedlinen are preferably washed many times. Best for the baby is to sew children sheets from old adult sheets; already soft and washed many times. Ask for PVC-free mattress covers. Perhaps a double folded terry towel is enough?


Be a conscious consumer

Certified alternatives means products which are better controlled and contain less chemicals. Your interest also contributes to a higher degree of sustainability thinking in the industry. Ask in the store when you buy something new, and google for information and suppliers of organic options.


Create rooms to rest in

Consider the bedroom a room for recovery. Less things collect less dust - and don´t tempt the brain to start yet another chore when instead it needs help to calm down. Choose interior decoration, materials and paraphernalia with care so that both body and brain get their rest, and don´t use the bedroom for storing electronics. Tidy and neat allows for clean air while you rest