Workroom - advise for a kick start

Bilden visar ett bord i trä

Choose furniture of natural materials

By choosing materials of solid wood, metal, wool, rattan and cardboard instead of plastic, glued boards and other synthetic materials you minimize the risk of chemicals such as solvents, endocrine disruptive phthalates and flame retardants in the air and dust indoors.


Furnish consciously

Make sure to use the electronics when awake, but let your body rest when it is time to sleep. Don´t store electronics closer than 1 meter from the bed or in the children´s bedroom or right above the carpet where they usually play.


Go for longer relationships 

Every year we throw away approximately 13 kilos of electronic waste per person.

Minimize your share by:

  • updating and upgrading your current laptop: maybe it just needs some extra memory?
  • buying reused - or buying something new that you want to use for a long time.


Contribute to sustainable structures

Is it cheaper to buy a new printer than a new cartridge? This kind of a system we should avoid befriending. Buy things worth repairing, where worn out parts could be exchanged and the ones which ran out could be refilled.



When the computer, the mobile, the AirPad or the printer is finished: deposit it at the electronics recycling. In order to hinder hazardous chemicals from being leaked into nature, never throw empty cartridges or toners in the regular waste. Check if your supplier has a recycling system for your empty cartridges.


Ask for environmental labels and social sustainability

Where there are certified alternatives you get products which are better controlled and you get rid of some of the chemicals. At the same time you contribute to a raised awareness in the industry.


Honor the paper

Rather paper and cardboard than plastics. However, forest cutting and the manufacturing of paper demands resources and cause emissions. Don´t print if not necessary. Use both sides of the paper. Shop environmentally labeled and/ or recycled paper.

Choose environmentally labeled envelopes with water soluble glue (if you wet the envelope before sealing) and reusable labels. Recycle your own paper waste.


Choose water soluble and toxic free

There are pens, markers and glue which are not hazardous to breath or for the skin. Especially if you use these materials often or your children borrow them.



The office dust is a pattern card of the chemicals which are emitted from the electronics and different synthetic materials in the room. Folders and paper stacks are good at collecting dust, and even though we have made as conscious choices as possible the electronics dust is hardly healthy. Dust, air and wet dry!