The Kitchen


Thickeners and emulsifiers, colorants, artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers: The average consumer eats about 6-7 kilos of additives every year, and only 1 percent is used to protect the consumers from rancid fats and food poisoning.

Your food can also contain remnants of different pesticides. Some fruits and vegetables are more sprayed than others, like grapes, bananas, citrus fruits, peppers and potatoes. Conventional coffee is also far from sustainably grown.

But it’s not just what you put in your mouth. It’s also about storage and cooking. Did you know, for example, that plastic containers may leak heavy metals, endocrine disruptive softeners and bisphenols to the food? Warm, sourish and greasy food should not be stored in plastic at all. The good news is it is quite easy to avoid eating food additives, remains of pesticides and plastic chemicals if you want to.