Cleaning cupboard

vacuum cleaning

The fewer chemicals and perfume we use when cleaning our home the lesser substances foreign to our body we absorb through our skin and lungs. And the fewer substances foreign  to nature are emitted into our sewage and waterways. The problem is that we have gotten used to that strong smells and spotless surfaces, which can be bought in a bottle, is what is considered clean.

But remnants of the cleaning chemicals could remain and be part of the chemical cocktail our bodies are exposed to every day. Poisonous chemicals gather in dust. The Nature Association in Sweden have examined the soft grey dust balls from ordinary homes. In there was of course all sorts of cosy stuff such as, easy to guess, hair, skin flakes and mites. But also unhealthy industrial chemicals such as flame retardants, phthalates and Bisphenol A.

The best and cheapest tip for fewer chemicals at home: keep clean and dust free! Boring to tidy up? Then think about reducing products which contain a lot of chemicals such as plastics, foam rubber and electronics, in which case your dust balls will be a bit nicer.  Here, we have gathered everything you need to know to make more chemically clever cleaning choices.